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You Can Start A Fight In An Empty House

Angela McCluskey’s new single Handle with Grace , featuring TelePopMusik, is from her second album You Can Start A Fight In An Empty House. The video was shot in downtown LA with 1950s style soft-tint lenses, animated with digitally mastered origami birds that touch the music story as it passes on our screens. It’s the second hit single that’s a collaboration with the French electronic pop trio. The last, Breathe, became a massive global dance hit, Grammy nominated, and tailed with a round the world tour spent ‘Telepopping ’.

Angela’s distinctive soft-soulful voice has allowed her to move into numerous music genres. This album, her first solo in five years, gathers more eclecticism with artists, counting Guns N’ Roses Richard Fortus and a revisit back to TelePopMusik, among many. Eighteen thousand copies of this album sold in three days through a Face Book marketing Campaign ‘Take Five’ by her label Bernadette Records. You Can Start a Fight In An Empty House is available exclusively through Bernadette Online Record  Store.