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The World of Tim Burton

The Design Museum are to curate an exhibition of the inspirations of legendary film director Tim Burton.

Tim Burton has created nineteen films that have made him become a renowned global film director. From Sweeny Todd to Alice in Wonderland, this artistic fable of storytelling has led to him orchestrating his own themes through a worldwide tour of exhibition.

Travelling the globe, this show of his works is finally coming to the Design Museum in London from 25th October 2024 until 21st April 2025.

His own universe of artistic rights will show the public his production from being an illustrator, painter, photographer, and author, alongside his masterful director experience. The Design Museum has described him “As a multi-disciplinary artist his creations extend beyond the limits of mediums and formats.”

Created from his own archive of drawings, paintings, photographs, storyboards and props, the visitor is left with a multitude of references into this great mind of the beholder.

The exhibition is organized by Jenny He, Independent Curator, in collaboration with Tim Burton and adapted by Maria McLintock for the Design Museum.