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Soho House – Members Club

Having began its story in Soho London, the members club has grown to be a worldwide phenomenon spanning its properties not just all over the UK but across the globe. 

With properties in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Sweden, and France to name a few, the popular residence has two new assets in Portland USA and Sao Paulo, and it does not stop there for its members. 

Membership can be specific to a house, or it can range to global membership meaning there will never be a shortage of entertainment and refuge for its loyal patrons. 

The events range from dinner feasts in Dubai, warming bonfires at Babington House, to fashion pop-ups in Atlanta and Majid Jordan performing a duo DJ set in Toronto.  

Members are given access to view the events on its own portal page of the Soho House website and potential members can calculate global or country, in house membership through pressing this membership calculator: Soho House | Membership pricing