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Sixth Scents

Seoul’s fashion elite caught a whiff of designer-scented cool during Sixth Scents Fashion Week Party in trendy Cheongdam-Dong. Marco Brambilla, Azuma Makoto, Justin Edward John Smith, and Alessandro Tinello collaborated on a special performance and installation, while Posso The DJ manned the ones and twos in the party highlight of the season. Each year, the fragrance initiative handpicks six designers and perfumers to concoct individually numbered limited-edition scents. The second series includes Philip Lim and Natalie Gracia-Cetto’s ‘Collage’- a peppery patchouli fragrance, and Taga and Alexandra Kosinski’s ‘Whiskey Caramelisé’- a nutmeg-spiked mandarin brew. Even more delectable is Six Scents’ pledge to donate a percentage of the proceeds to environmental sustainability agency Pro-Natura. We’re guessing the experience of wearing one of their earthy, flowery perfumes will instil a newfound appreciation of nature in you too.