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Royaye Sefid

Royaye Sefid means ‘bright dreams’ in Persian and is the name of the wedding gown collection of Norwegian designer Leila Hafzi. Made with silk organza and silk chiffon fabrics, they are a part of an intrinsic wardrobe that’s draped in exquisite hand-decorated detail, tailored to embrace the femininity of Nordic brides.

Royaye Sefid joins two more lines including the diffusion Eco casual and the hand painted made-to-measure collection of Nektar. Hafzi first launched her brand in 1997 with the idea of introducing ethical fashion to high-end fashion. As the award winning designer continues her projects in sustainability, with Nepal Productions DA, her lines have become synonymous with red carpet events and are sold in luxury boutiques worldwide, from Paris to Dubai, from Athens to her atelier in the heart of Oslo.