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RHS Urban Show: the evolution of plants

From 18th to 21st April 2024 there will be a retrospective on how to make an art form from growing plants in the city.

The inaugural show will be set at the Depot Mayfield in Manchester as the Royal Horticultural Society hits its 220-year anniversary.

From how to grow healthy houseplants to growing in hard to fit places, this opens as an opportunity to explore the country’s mass of urban spaces.

Manchester Cloud Gardener Jason Williams will feature his mantra of how to make city spaces greener with a fitting of four balconies facing north, south, east and west. A design brought about through a partnership with students from Manchester Metropolitan University’s Rise programme, with a maximum budget of £500.

Chelsea Flower Show’s medal-winners GrowTropicals endeavour to teach how to cultivate suitable plants in shady environments. While others may prefer the light of sunny spots on windowsills.

Amanda Grimes, a grower from the Midlands, is at the show with exhibits of Pop Culture Planting with Punk Rockery and 24-Hour Party Planting, an installation giving inspiration to get stuck in and to develop an art form out of planting.

According to Lex Falleyn, the show manager of the RHS Urban Show, “Urban Gardening is diverse and dynamic and the inaugural RHS Urban Show is an exciting opportunity to explore the important role gardening plays in greening up cities.”

Tickets can be purchased on this link: