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Peter Sommer Travels Cruise – Turkish Odyssey of Archaeology, Food and Wine

When archaeologist and documentary filmmaker Peter Sommer walked 2000 miles from Troy to Turkey, he retraced the route of Alexander the Great. This became an inspiration to form his own travel company in 2002 and has won awards and accolades for his commitment to bespoke travel.

With the maximum of 14 guests, a cruise departs on 15th September for a 15-day Turkish Odyssey cruise.

With a beginning in Bodrum and a finish in Göcek, the cruise travels along the turquoise coast in a wooden gullet handcrafted in Turkey. By night there will be anchoring at picturesque bays and by day there will be trips mooring in tranquil settings while guests explore historic sites and enjoy gastronomy of the region.

Rich landscapes surround a trip which will discover markets, vineyards, and archaeological sites, all from a civilization with over 4000 years of history.

A fortress, theatre and an antique church are all samples of what to discover in the region with a Greek and Roman heritage which make part of an exploration of this Turkish realm.

Peter Sommer, founder of Peter Sommer Travels says: “Our intimate knowledge of the region includes familiarity with both world-famous and lesser-known ancient sites, and friendships with some of its finest artisans and food and wine producers. Rather than just going there, join us for an unforgettable experience as we truly get to know the archaeology and gastronomy of this spectacular coast.”

This magical experience includes guides, entrance fees, trips on land and airport transfers.

Peter Sommer Travels is a unique luxury family run company that tours in Croatia, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. Since 2016 PST has been awarded Tour Operator of the Year six times receiving gold awards in 2016, 2018 and 2023 and silver awards in 2017, 2019 and 2020. For more details, visit