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NOMA: Rebellious Spirits

The relationship between Americans and alcohol is reflected in this brilliant exhibition that explores the Prohibition and Resistance in the South.

Until January 5th 2025, this new feature will draw on the behaviour of the south pending this early Twentieth Century ban on hooch that was directed by the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution published in 1919.

NOMA (The New Orleans Museum of Art), travels through the movement that brewed a rebellious spirit from the city in the South, famed for a party spirit.

From historical cocktail recipes to Prohibition era cocktail shakers this is a celebration of unity in one disobedient verse.

Curated by Decorative Arts Trust Curatorial Fellow Laura Ochoa Rincon she says: “New Orleans is an American epicentre for drinking culture and was even before Prohibition. The unique social, political, racial, and economic backgrounds of New Orleanians and people in the American South led to various ingenious methods of skirting the law. Alcohol consumption connected all walks of life during the era of Prohibition,” said Ochoa Rincon. “This exhibition tells those diverse stories through objects that carry the voices of a rebellious society, determined to take freedom into their own hands.”

Directing the human imagination into the exploration of the culture and creativity of this corner of the globe, the museum holds 50,000 works and this particular exhibition includes over a dozen works drawn from NOMA’s permanent collection.

NOMA’s Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden is a 12-acre notable retreat known as one of the country’s most exclusive gardens themed with the culture and art of the city.

For further information and tickets to the exhibition please visit: NOMA Welcomes You – New Orleans Museum of Art

Brandy Milk Punch Recipe

How to Make: Shake all ingredients with ice and then strain into ice filled glass.

55ml Brandy

55ml Milk

10ml Monin Vanilla Syrup

Garnish: a little nutmeg sprinkle

The perfect New Orleans hangover cure made to enjoy with brunch. Difford’s Guide for Discerning Drinkers publishes bespoke New Orleans Cocktails. All recipes can be found on this link: Cocktails and Cocktail Recipes (