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Mash Gallery – Legacy Reunited

Radiant with expression this next exhibition of the Mash Gallery in Los Angeles gives a nostalgic insight into the journey of the life of the gallery owner, Haleh Mashian. Artist Yaghoub Jacob Souferzadeh will be showcasing his work in December for the first time in the luxury venue, but it is not the first time he and Mashian had met.

Contacted by the artist, Mashian made a visit to his studio only to find that this was the man who introduced her to art at the early age of eleven in Iran.

The artist’s work is one of a reflective account of Iran’s canvas set in landscapes of Northern Iran, particularly the enchanting Shomal region. His rose collections and more can attribute to his wide breadth of colour and textures within his paintings.

The Mash Gallery writes that “His work is characterized by meticulous attention to detail and a deep emotional connection to his birthplace.”

The empowerment of a meaningful encounter will be on display from December 14th 2023 to January 4th 2024.