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After several seasons of NY runway shows and with its first London Fashion Week show confirmed for February 21, a perfume launch party featuring the Norwegian DJ duo NO DIAL TONE at the famous Mayfair fashion hotspot Jalouse was the logical conclusion.

The idea for this conceptual boutique scent was first conceived of during the development of the À LA DISPOSITION collection “Collective Memory”, which was based on the idea that one of the main triggers of personal memory is scent. In order to reflect the complexities of post modern life and our innate individuality, a concrete conceptualization of a unique double aromatic aura was perceived.

The perfume has been developed together with bespoke perfumers, Carvansons, who provided their international expertise to create a harmonious pair of fragrances. The fragrances are both made with the same base and middle notes. What distinguishes them is a subtle hint of opposing top notes which allow for an interactive play between both ambrosial scents. When applied together, they create a unique mixture that reflects the complexity and uniqueness of its wearer. {{intangible}} thus becomes your own.