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Going Digital

Who doesn’t remember their first digital watch. You end up fussing with all the buttons trying to set the time appropriately. Once that was done, how on earth do you set the alarm and utilize the stop-watch feature? The woes of a digital watch, but you can’t argue with the fun colors and themes they came in. As a child I wanted to be “grown-up” and didn’t want to seem juvenile reading time from a digital watch, so I didn’t give them a second look.

Long gone are those days, now that we’re wiser, and smarter I’ve given digital watches another try. Now digital watches look retro and can be considered “vintage,” and some look as if they came from the future. As a sports enthusiast I find myself wearing a digital watch 24/7. To measure distance, calculate heart-rate, calculate time etc. It’s always the case of “I wish I knew then what I knew now.” Now that I have the patience and need for a digital watch, they give a different connotation from when I was in grade school. When I see a fellow citizen wearing one, I instantly think “he’s an athlete, adventurous, and if the watch is colorful, he’s easy going and fun.” By no means should we judge a person by his or her watch, but our choices do reflect a part of our character. Whether you’re nostalgic and re-visiting the past, following fashion trends, or counting every minute lost or gained from a run, digital watches has become a great solution for everyday use regardless your lifestyle. Luckily with most digital watches you don’t have to think twice about jumping into the pool. Save your Patek Philippes for the boardroom.

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By JY Kim