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Fashion Bestiary

Holly Gaboriault’s latest work in surrealist collage features animals wearing couture. The author and illustrator who studied at Rode Island School of Design, has now turned to fashion to present a paper collection that she calls “Fashion Bestiary”.

Fashion Bestiary is created from a marriage of illustrated animal heads upon human figures wearing rich textured colours that are cut to shape out of handmade paper and old vintage magazines.

Her work has been influenced by the Surrealists and the French designers of the 1920s that existed alongside that movement, in an effort to draw upon our own animal-like characteristics and find beauty in the unusual.

After an early interest in archaeology that ignited her imagination, her work continually reflects stories from different cultures that she tells with aesthetics of 2D and 3D. Her previous collage work has been exhibited in galleries, is currently held in numerous private collections, and as a designer she has worked with window displays, theater and ballet.

Outside of her work in costume, Gaboriault has written and illustrated children’s books, where she continues to create a series of collage in volumes, exploring themes ranging from Etiquette to fortune cookie fortunes, and French paper dolls.

Her Providence studio is shared with two felines and steaming cups of mango tea.