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Cannes Collection

Elizabeth Arnau is joining the red carpet at Cannes for the last day of the fashion week, which coincided with the world famous film festival. The Spanish designer, who has already shown in the Haute Couture Fashion Week New York and China Fashion Week in Beijing, began her line in 2005, in New York city. Arnau has two lines, the ‘Red Carpet Collection’ with evening dresses, gowns and bridal, along with ‘Teens & Chic‘, a diffusion line.

Running from May 12th-20th, the fashion event founded by Richard Nilsson, has seen an extravagant mix combining LA film star glamour with French chic fresh from the Cote D’Azur, joining a hint of Bollywood essence as Indian designer Shaahid Amir made his debut at the world’s most glamorous fashion sequel. Arnau is showing on the last day of the fashion week, at Villa Oxygene and The Playboy Mansion, Cannes.