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A View from Japan – Michael Kenna

A resident of Seattle, he started life in Lancashire. Michael Kenna is a unique photographer, who has his own dark room where he develops his work with old-school techniques after sitting through a vision of still life in a manifesto of different countries.

Having first visited Japan in 1987, Kenna has brought to life a combination of nature and man-made Japanese sights.

His work has led to being a part of over 500 exhibitions worldwide and his diary is full with events to partake in throughout his calendar.

Sometimes using twelve hour takes of his recorded phenomena, Kenna has had many a trip to Japan to depict its timeless ancestry of nature. He waits by night and by early light, he is a nocturnal mastermind of his own work.

Bare Tree, Toya Lake, Hokkaido, Japan. 2009 ©Michael Kenna
Hachiman Torii, Kagawa, Shikoku, Japan. 2022 ©Michael Kenna