1-17-2 Nakane Meguro, Tokyo, Japan, 152-0031
+81 (0) 3 3724 6045   
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She is a love child of cultural melting pot. She is undeniably Tokyo, eccentrically London, creatively Antwerp, femininely Paris. Putting her on is like experiencing a first kiss once again, so delicate, so soft yet totally dramatic and unforgettable.

The designer, Ayumi Sufu was born in early 80's, brought up in Tokyo where she experienced the Japanese high economic growth and its fall. The conflation of new and old, mixture of tradition and westernization, the caos, and the energy of it all made modern day Tokyo. This very much influenced her style of creation, where she seeks and absorbs various different cultures and reconstruct them her own.

At the age of 16 Ayumi went to UK and where she spent her susceptible teenage period. After attending a course at CSM, she took Fashion degree course at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication. During this period she worked for various designers who inspired her such as Shelley Fox and Vivienne Westwood, who is notably known for the creation that symbolises a marriage between a subculture and tradition. But her true passion came into bloom when she worked for bernhard willhelm and his team in Paris. "He develops a very personal world, playing with the clothes with his sense of humour, wit, fun, sensitivity and a slash of grim. This attitude towards creation meant a lot to me." Ayumi describes. After her graduation she continued working for Bernhard and also became a representative of Japanese high-end cutting edge fashion store to coordinate the designers for a few years.

However, as Ayumi returned her homeland to set up her own business, she realised Tokyo became somehow unknown place to her. She was not Tokyoite any more but perhaps, as she realised, she was Tokyo itself, the fusion of many cultures and ideas, the caos, quirkiness and a bit of playful cheesiness resides everywhere but somehow unified and defined as one big identity.

She has set up her own label "jazzkatze" and "coma coda" in Paris and Japan. Now she starts to show her collection in Japan Fashion Week from SS10