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We have arrived at the crossroads of functionality and tailoring, where we comfortably find ourselves today. Conventionality can make us experience our surroundings through rigid stagnant shapes and patterns. The human body and its traditional stance are being challenged by the newly sculpted Spring/Summer 2011 collection “transorganic” by À LA DISPOSITION.

The composition of the collection was drawn on the premises that the imperative lineage of body and its adherent anatomy do not constitute restrictions in wearability. Organic playful silhouettes embrace our natural stance in the dark, whereas explorative pieces meet us in the morning light. Our corporal limitations will further enhance the obsolete characteristic lines of tailoring, by allowing for creative structured detailing, tight linings spiralling off the body whilst subtly lifting the fabric away.

The complex usage of feather light fibres, silks, wools and rich cottons, with complementing shimmering textures, allude to translucent lines, which transcend the outlines of human sartorial fixations. The selected fabrics envelop us whilst we profoundly indulge ourselves. The body, as a mere configurational drawing is uniformly filled in by the contrast between soft and structured pieces. Materials collide to form an array of futuristic chromatic constructed garments, without compromising contemporary wearability and feminine integrity.

For this collection À LA DISPOSITION has worked with its signature pieces: the classic feminine suits, dresses, fitted shirts and pants. Flanking the traditional tailoring of the S/S 11 collection are conceptual sculpted pieces, all of which are exposed to a desaturated colour palette, infused with grey, stone, black and silver tones. À LA DISPOSITION has crafted a line where forms and function are fused in an attempt to enhance our perspective on classic fit, proportion, colour and traditional high-end fabric.

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